craig-keith-bio-page“…a rough-hewn folk rock sound that evokes the wild vistas of the West.”—Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel

“… has the expansiveness of the west and the desert … a cross between Jackson Brown and Lowell George.”
—Keith Greeninger, singer-songwriter

“Greg Brown meets Neil Young.”
—Tim Prince, producer

“The Rayburns are a cadence of the country rock of the 70s.”
—John Gjalteme, Altcountry

“…equal parts Americana, rock, folk and country. The spirit in their music is fun, infectious and genuine — and it’s delivered with a heartfelt respect to the timeless songwriters in California’s rich history.”
—Andy Zenczak ~ Producer, Gadgetbox Studios, winner of the Gail Rich Award.

The Rayburn Brothers Band – California Roots Rock

Singer-songwriters Craig and Keith Rayburn bring a broad range of influences to their music.  Hailing from the Monterey Bay, they play songs that are  mix of folk, rock and Americana.  Their voices harmonize as only brothers can, with graceful melodies, poignant singing and deft instrumentation.  The Rayburn Brothers Band has created a brand of California roots rock that has depth and energy.  Their songs convey the essence of love, longing and pain that only seasoned songwriters can express in such heartfelt terms.  The Rayburn Brothers sing from the soul, touching in their audiences a chord of the human experience.

Their new album “Back to California” is a compelling collection of songs ranging from the honest portrayal of long-term relationships in “Go Down Easy” to the hopeful, upbeat “Back To California”. “Ordinary Love” tells of finding extraordinary love, while “Lonely Train” speaks of love lost. “Te Propongo” and “Hole In My Heart” mix Spanish and English lyrics in a way that reflects the brother’s California heritage.

The entire collection of songs is infused with elements of rock, folk, country, reggae and jazzy blues that channel the musical influences the brothers gained growing up in the Golden State. All songs feature the effortless harmonies of brothers Craig and Keith, augmented by the dulcet voice of Eliza James that give the vocals texture and intimacy. Long time lead guitar player Nick Heinz adds fluid guitar lines evoking classic rock greats.  Drummer Ryan Sills loves keeping time and getting you on your feet.  Nephew of Craig and son of Keith, Kito is a bass player who loves to put the thump in your favorite grooves.  He has been playing with his dad and uncle since before he even knew how to play. Key board player Kevin Taylor weaves in and out of the songs with grace and harmony. Together the combination is magic and will make you an instant fan.

Drummer Ryan Sills loves keeping time and getting you on your feet.  Nephew of Craig and son of Keith, Kito is a bass player who loves to put the thump in your favorite grooves!  He has been playing with his dad and uncle since before he even knew how to play.

This powerful and moving CD is full of surprises and unexpected twists. Eliciting comparisons to bands such as The Eagles, Neil Young, Los Lobos and Jackson Browne, the Rayburn Brothers Band’s CD “Back to California” is well worth a listen.

They have built up a strong local following and are expanding their range along the Central Coast.

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Craig Rayburn released his debut album, “Coyote” in 2008. It was well received by the local media and heavily featured on Central California’s own original KPIG radio station, as well as on KZSC and KKUP.

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The next time you want to hear an album with pristine production just pop in Back To California by Rayburn Brothers Band. Everything from the guitars to the drums to the vocals fit perfectly in their own pocket. Production and recording quality are important factors when assessing an album but above all else it needs to have substantial songs, which have some sort of emotional impact. I’m happy to say that Back To California also succeeds in that department as well.
Ted Rogen, Equal Ground, Indie Band Reviews, September 19, 2014


Who isn’t a fan of brothers singing and playing together since childhood? Craig and Keith continue to thrive with prolific songwriting, backing from a solid band and beautifully woven harmonies. They bring to their audience a lasting listening experience. Hats off to their new release “Back to California”…
Sharon Allen


Te Propongo” was voted one of the Best Americana songs of 2013 by Shotgun Majors, DJ at KRVM Radio in Eugene, Oregon
Shotgun Majors ~ KRVM Radio


“This local folk cowboy’s majestic voice is a reminder of the rugged beauty of the mountains”
GT ~ Santa Cruz Good Times


Coyote (own editor) is a debut he can be proud of. It’s a CD with the fine cadence of the country rock of the 70’s.
John Gjalteme, Altcountry


“With Coyote, Craig Rayburn has created a deep and comprehensive homage to classic country music. Setting out to create an album that is reflective of American folk and rock, the touching nostalgia will resonate with country music fans who truly admire the roots of where the genre has stemmed from.
Rukshan Thenuwara – Contributor, July 10, 2009