Rayburn Band News

The three Rayburns, Craig, Keith and Kito, performed at a house concert recently in Carmel Valley with Jamie Wilson, a member of the Trishas. The guys and Jaime took turns singing and playing and the songs they did together totally wowed the enthusiastic crowd in Laura and John’s spacious living room. Craig, Keith and Jaime’s harmonies melded wonderfully. It’d be great to see them perform together again some day!
The band has been working with a new drummer recently. Kevin Bell is a dynamic, powerful drummer and the band has had a great time playing with him. On that note, you will get a chance to see Kevin Bell in person at their next gig which is on New Year’s Eve at the Aromas Grange. If you are around, make sure to catch this performance.
Usher in the new year with your favorite band!

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